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Hello blog world!

July 16, 2011

Welcome to My Emerging Adulthood!  This is my first blog and I have no idea how I will take to doing the writing side of things (been a reader and commenter for years.)  I hope to have this blog as a journal of sorts (though blogging totally beats a regular old journal, or I think it will.)

So, what’s the title about?  I read a article, about a year ago, about how this new generation of adults hasn’t quite become adults like previous generations have by their mid twenties and thirties.  There were several criteria they listed as defining adulthood: moving out of your parents house, getting an advanced education, starting a career, getting married, having a child, etc…  Lots of current twenty somethings are delaying or not acheiving these milestones of adulthood.  Such as: living with our significant other and delaying marriage, taking six years to get a bachelor’s degree, and moving back home with our parents after having moved out.  I thought the topic was interesting and also the research that they had done on it.  And I liked the phrase “emerging adulthood”…  So there you go and welcome to my blog!


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